Deison & Mingle | Radio & Reviews (March 2015)

Desion & Mingle - Weak Life on Asheville FM charts for 3/14/15

Deison & Mingle - Weak Life on KFJC!

"Heavy, cinematic floor shaking thumps and ominous hums and beats. Nice loops and textures throughout. Pure blissful dark soundscape, this is a mindblower for sure."

Deison & Mingle su Sodapop Webzine!

"Deison e Mingle guardano appena avanti a noi e ci consegnano una visione disincantata di cui sarà opportuno far tesoro"

Deison & Mingle on Radio 1 (Prague - Czech Republic)

Deison & Mingle - Weak Life on Radio WUSB (Stony Brook University, NY)

Deison & Mingle - Weak Life on WRUV 90.1 FM (University of Vermont)

Deison & Mingle - Weak Life on Westzeit! 

"At first a "sceptic move": the dangerous roaring of gloomy synths, structured by the slow crack of a whip like beat. what's bubbling in the background? is it the blood from the ears of those who could not stop until the volume knob was standing at the right end of the scale and the doors of the wedged emergency exits vibrated? truly, a "circle of red drops " appears on the crumbly plaster of the cellar wall and forms magic/obscure sound-marks, "bloody feelings" are flashing through the insecure and helpless (and) by creaking samples tormented hearing center. in "osso temporal" the membranes of the bass-speakers pump like wanting to re-animate the bloodstream of a rhinoceros. not that fast , but so strongly! layers of strange noises crowd around the electro-rhythmic framework - a golem made of sound! powerful and forceful and arguably stronger than a "weak life"!